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"Hands build a house; hearts build a home."



We’ve been building and renovating in the Dallas area for the last eight years but our family has been providing housing for almost forty years.  We are a family business and over the years, we’ve developed a passion for what we do—no matter what the architectural style or neighborhood, our first priority is building a quality home, one that you’ll be proud to call home.



Lauderdale Homes is not just another contractor; we are completely immersed in the design and functionality of each house insuring the “house” becomes more than everything the owner desires. Small details become extremely important in daily living.  It is these details that occupy significant attention in our priorities.



We believe in doing it right, the first time.  We are dedicated to supporting our clients through every stage of the homebuilding process.  We take great pride in our homes; we take the most pride in our relationships.

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